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Chair...........Steve Smart

Vice Chair.........Vacant

Secretary.....Lisa Bergin



Marianne Roberts

Anthony Kilroy

Elizabeth Brooke


Ex Officio

Deacon Brendan

Fr Chris








Parish Administrator & Hall Secretary                                                  Marianne Roberts 

Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council                                                     Steve Smart 

Parish Finance Director                                                                               Tony Rayer

Chief Cashier                                                                                               Marianne Roberts

Assistant Cashier                                                                                         Mary Ravey

Parish '100 Club'(as above)                                                                        Maggie Williams

Parish Covenant & Gift Aid                                                                        Victor Rolfe

Parish Child Protection Office                                                                     Marianne Roberts

Parish Representative on the Deanery Council                                            Marianne Roberts

Catechists                                                                                                     Marianne Roberts

                                                                                                                      Lisa Bergin

Baptism Preparation                                                                                     Fr Chris / Deacon Brendan

1st Confession/1st Holy Communion Preparation                                        Marianne Roberts / Jo Francis 

Instruction for Children attending non-Catholic Schools(as above)            as above

Confirmation Preparation                                                                             Marianne Roberts

                                                                                                                      Frank Brooke

                                                                                                                       Lisa Bergin

Reception into Full Communion with the Catholic Church (Adults)           Fr Chris / Deacon Brendan

Marriage Preparation                                                                                    Fr Chris / Deacon Brendan

Pastoral Visitor (Nursing Homes)                                                                  Kathleen Hutchings

                                                                                                                        Mary Blackmore 

Ecumenical Officer / 'Churches Together' etc                                                Lisa Bergin

CAFOD Rep.(as above)                                                                                Steve Smart

APF Rep.                                                                                                         Dawn Walker  

The ART GROUP                                                                                           Mary Sims

'Welcome Club' for Senior Citizens                                                               Pat O'Connor

The 'Mary Club'                                                                                              Gill Hickman / Deacon Brendan 

The Church Shop                                                                                            Mary Meldrum

Director of Music                                                                                           John Quinn

Parish Organist & Senior Sacristan                                                                Tony Kilroy

Senior Alter Server                                                                                         Mike Pycraft / Izu Oguike

Master of Ceremonies                                                                                     Tony Kilroy 

Parish Social                                                                                                  Mary & David Blackmore

Church Cleaning Rota                                                                                    Tony Kilroy

Church Flowers Supervisor                                                                            Marianne Roberts

Parish Maintenance (Structural                                                                      Vacant

Security Officer Buildings                                                                           Vacant

Grounds Maintenance                                                                                    Jonathan Wiltshire 

Presbytery Housekeeper                                                                                 'All Washed up'

Hall Caretaker                                                                                                 Tony Kilroy

Head Gardener                                                                                               Jonathan Wiltshire




WELCOME CLUB for senior citizens meets every Wednesday at 2.00pm in the Parish Centre - Contact: Pat O'Connor.


The 'MARY CLUB' - a social and study group - open to ALL parishioners. 


1st Holy Communion Programme - Contact: Marianne Roberts / Jo Francis


Confirmation Preparation Programme - Contact: Deacon Brendan.


Archconfraternity of St Stephen for Altar Servers - Contact: Tony Kilroy.